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1. RIC S. BASTASA - And since I am but a word for you

  • Duration: 30
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - And since I am but a word for you

You said it You love me As a word and nothing more But just a word Without a stand Just a word Unable to make Your love come true In the form of Body and sweat In the shape of a kiss in the substance of a hug or an embrace I admit it I am just a word And I am deleting This word Myself You follow the time is 11: 52 in the evening and you are not sleeping like me us is also a word. RIC S. BASTASA

2. RIC S. BASTASA - one day i see you naked bathing in the river

  • Duration: 20
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - one day i see you naked bathing in the river

one day i see you naked bathing in the river we are lovers and i could have called your name and then i go naked myself and then we bathe together and make the most of the youth of time i hide behind the leaves to feast on your beauty more beautiful when untouched more sublime when unconsumed it is the distance something beyond the reach of my hands beyond my grasp completes us RIC S. BASTASA

3. RIC S. BASTASA - a nursery rhyme for the kid wanting a poem while his mother is away looking for work

  • Duration: 14
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - a nursery rhyme for the kid wanting a poem while his mother is away looking for work

The rain is loudly pouring and the roof is noisy i have a song not messy and i want to sing foolhardily but how can you be hearing when the loud rain is pouring? RIC S. BASTASA

4. RIC S. BASTASA - individuality

  • Duration: 31
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - individuality

our bodies are separated by the fences of our skins our thoughts by the silence of its scalpels nothing Siamese about us nothing. so one finally goes her way as i finally go on my own personalized journey RIC S. BASTASA

5. RIC S. BASTASA - ...compulsion 6

  • Duration: 71
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - ...compulsion 6

you say you will not do it never again this sickness this sickening thing inside you you smile you breathe your stomach begins to deliver a speech this cannot be denial, denial, denial of the natural color of your hair one that blends with your skin one that speaks the words that your tongue has been keeping the one that you hide and pretend it is not there it grows and becomes big and so visible you knife it out never shall it heal this wound this life this is what you are and ever shall be forever, and yet you keep it hidden funny, because they are all seeing it and speaking about it it seems, you are the only one mute, deaf, blind and so dumb RIC S. BASTASA

6. RIC S. BASTASA - indiscriminate green

  • Duration: 52
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - indiscriminate green

And does the heart grow old? You know In the indiscriminate green Of summer or in earliest snow A landscape is another scene, Inchoate and anonymous, And every rock and bush and drift As our affections alter us Will alter with the season's shift. So love by love we come at last, As through the exclusions of a rhyme, Or the exaction of a past, To the simplicity of time, The antiquity of grace, where yet We live in terror and delight With love as quiet as regret And love like anger in the night. RIC S. BASTASA


  • Duration: 39
  • Channel: music

there is this rain between my thighs there is this cloud inside my abdomen it is heavy with something that accumulates somewhere and within there is this tickling and tingling of everything i feel for you in your absence the clouds get so heavy and my abdomen gives in the rain falls under my feet and then i know it is the ripe time for sleep RIC S. BASTASA

8. RIC S. BASTASA - just listen.....

  • Duration: 63
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - just listen.....

listen. i heard it all. every detail. like the color of the plate. the design of the stairs. the way the vine climbs by the window. listen. every word has meaning. look at the embroidery of the veins. the details of the story. when she speaks look at her. Do not go away. listen until the end. And note the conclusions. when she is through. Do not speak. Let things go. Let the heat rise into the air. when you go home imagine what she will tell to another one like you. you know it is hard to keep the friendship. listen. Befriend yourself. It listens to you. RIC S. BASTASA

9. RIC S. BASTASA - josh and justin

  • Duration: 75
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - josh and justin

I’m with you, Josh Over here in Prospect Heights, only a moron would clam that Vanderbilt Avenue without all the bars and restaurants was better than Vanderbilt Avenue now WITH all the bars and restaurants. Nighttime foot traffic is your friend. And so are places to go. Those guys in Gowanus are choking their neighborhood. Now Josh, you’ve already got one Jim Mamary restaurant in DP. I moved from Ditmas Park to Clinton Hill this past summer, and have completely stopped eating out. The take out and eat in places on Myrtle Ave. are all half as good and twice as expensive as anything on Cortelyou. You could be living somewhere much worse, and the Q trains are all fancy now, too. bye. take care. RIC S. BASTASA

10. RIC S. BASTASA - if it feels right

  • Duration: 28
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - if it feels right

there is only one standard in doing all these things if it feels right then it must be right if it sounds right then if must be right i don't have to see what my heart says. RIC S. BASTASA

11. RIC S. BASTASA - memory [email protected]

  • Duration: 73
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - memory lane@tabon

lately, he has been talking about separations how painful the process can be at the start just like a wound with a pus but somehow when that infected thing bursts and the cause is removed the relief that is felt justifies all the fears and anxieties she likes it too the way she dismembers a wing from the body of a bee how its sting has to be extricated so that it cannot penetrate another flesh and cause inflammation he too remembers how he once disassembled the toy robot that Papa once bought him during his 5th birthday when Mama went away packing all her things and took the bus to ozamis things repeat themselves and they all know that and some people despite this knowledge allow these things to happen not because it is painful but because it finds at the end the reliefs they are seeking. RIC S. BASTASA

12. RIC S. BASTASA - a poem for Rosie

  • Duration: 80
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - a poem for Rosie

the castle of paper that we create from a sheet of white bond paper stands on the brown table tall and proud so they say but we know Rosie that this is just plain creativity could be a way of expressing your self's discontent of the surroundings the foul air the heavy rain that seems not to stop the muddy path to the market and the church betraying fate and foolish friends but you know Rosie very well that nothing lasts forever the water paper the paper castle gathers dusts and soon we are fed up on this i am going away and you too but we shall not be together for i also get fed up on you as you shall soon to me. RIC S. BASTASA

13. RIC S. BASTASA - kadtong babaye sa buntod

  • Duration: 81
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - kadtong babaye sa buntod

nakita ko kadtong babaye sa bungtod nga naghilak dugay na kadtong panahon ug wala akoy katakos pagpangutana kaniya nganong dili husay ang iyang buhok nganong wala siya sa iyang kaugalingon wala ako kahinumdum kon siya mibungat sa pulong mahitungod kanako o kaniya ba hinoon apan naningkamot siya nga magpuyo nga malinawon bisan pa ug pagsaway ug pagtamay sa akong mga katigulangan ug sa among mga halangdong silingan pagkadugay na sa panahon namatay gilubong na ang babaye nga naghilak sa bungtod ug sultihan ko kamo inahan ko kadto ug karon gikamingawan ko RIC S. BASTASA

14. RIC S. BASTASA - it is a habit

  • Duration: 55
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - it is a habit

writing poems when you really write poems everyday and every moment of your life even when you're in the middle of your bread and butter eating thing or even when you are defecating writing poems becomes a habit even when you sleep even when you dream writing poems becomes a part of your system you eat poetry you vomit poetry you digest poetry you poo poetry you breathe poetry you sweat poetry you love poetry and you live with your poetry and at the end you die with poetry and your epitaph says: here lies the poet, choked with poetry. RIC S. BASTASA

15. RIC S. BASTASA - togetherness....

  • Duration: 39
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - togetherness....

when we are happy together it will be healthier no one eats when one is hungry still no one goes when one is left out when the sun fades, everyone goes to the house and sleep together when the morning breaks, everyone prays and cooks together where shall bickering be? when can a revolution start? brother, it is in this togetherness that we become bonded, one in heart, in spirit and in body one vision, one mission one love, one God. RIC S. BASTASA

16. RIC S. BASTASA - tango

  • Duration: 20
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - tango

takes two to tango takes one to ballet it may take three to boogie five or four to do the twist but let me tell you friend i am classical and i like ballet most specially the split. RIC S. BASTASA

17. RIC S. BASTASA - masochism

  • Duration: 69
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - masochism

when you pinch me i thank you i feel the pain and it assures me i am alive when you say the words too unkind i reflect and the words confront me like a flood rushing inside my throat and i grapple with my hands holding upon life i am drowning but not calling for any help i rise as a survivor my lungs stronger than before when you left me i thought the pain is like an earthquake intensity 12 i am shaken and some parts of me fell i thought i am buried on the chasm of extreme loneliness they say i am beyond recovery all pieces gone but i pick them all and piece them all together torn but not destroyed i am back as a piece of art when you come back you ask me who i am i told you another name i am the masochist reconstructed i was once your lover and i thank you for everything RIC S. BASTASA

18. RIC S. BASTASA - zipped

  • Duration: 20
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - zipped

short, sharp hissing whizzing sound zip. just a passing bullet RIC S. BASTASA

19. RIC S. BASTASA - İnside The Car One Rainy Day

  • Duration: 57
  • Channel: music
RIC S. BASTASA - İnside The Car One Rainy Day

inside the car one rainy day one sees the scattering of people who do not have anything tears fall on your cheeks thinking that you are miserable you finally wipe them and look at those other miseries of children pushing carts to hide their wares of drivers looking for their hard earned money of women disappointed for loss of customers tonight this damn rainy day that finally gives you the comfort that at least despite all your self-invented sorrows your own chaos you are still one God damn lucky guy RIC S. BASTASA


  • Duration: 44
  • Channel: music

the rain this early morning has an accompanying wind i look at them by the window my inner world divided by a thick glass the trees are swaying and some leaves begin to fall like some kind of a dance the rain like a man carries the wind on his arms and the wind leans down i catch a glimpse of how they passionately kiss it is sad and lonely and then the rain stops the morning sun comes and the leaves are at the feet of the trees kind of wet with tears. RIC S. BASTASA